Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Current Favourites!

Welcome back! I knowww that I’ve been MIA for way over a week now, but I’ve been so busy with my birthday and just life in general! I’ve found it really hard to find time to take pictures because by the time I get home from school, it’s already dark! Stupid shitty England weather. Anyway, enough of the excuses and let’s get started with today’s post…

 I was planning on doing a February favourites but now it’s 11 days into the next month so I don’t think I can class it as my February favourites (woops) but it’s too early to do my March favourites so instead I’m going to do a mixture of both and do My Current Favourites. I've discovered quite a few products this month as it’s been my birthday and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Firstly, we’ve got a primer- L’Oreal Lumi MagiqueI’ve not really been into primers In the past because having normal to dry skin means I don’t really struggle with my foundations not lasting that long or I don’t need to reduce oil/shine. But when Maybelline came out with Baby Skin, I thought I’d give it a go (hang in there and there might be a review coming soon!). After my first experience with a primer, I wanted to branch out more and since my skins been so dry and dull lately, I needed something to bring it back to life so I decided to try some of the Lumi Magique range. It is soo good at brightening my face of a morning and slightly helps with dryness as it just smooths over the skin. It just gives a really nice glow without making you into a disco ball and I love it! I do think that it’s slightly over priced at £9.99 but it’s still worth the price in my opinion.

Secondly we’ve got a mascara and I know some of you may be shocked in case you think I’m cheating on or betraying my Maybelline the Falsies (I’m not, I still love it as much as I did before!) but I couldn’t not jump on the bandwagon and try Benefit They’re Real when everyone (and their dog) raves so much about it! Nothing will ever beat how the Falsies makes my eyes look and how well it lasts all day but this is a pretty close runners up! It gives suchhh good length and separation and works a dream on my bottom lashes. I wish it was waterproof because I’m used to that with The Falsies but it doesn’t smudge like normal non-waterproof mascaras do! Sometimes I like to add a layer of The Falsies as well to add a bit more volume but other than that I can agree with the hype.

My favourite foundation of the moment has to be Estée Lauder Double Wear in 0.5. I've been loving this when I want slightly more coverage than my Mac Studio Sculpt and something that will last all day. It has great coverage but not as heavy as the Double Wear original and has a lot more of a natural sheen. The colour matches me perfectly and I am in love! £28.50 is slightlyyy more than I'd wish to pay but it's definitely worth it.

I've been using my Calvin Klein sheer créme eyeshadow in snakeskin silver on my inner corner a lot lately. It's soo good at brightening my eyes and making them look bigger. I prefer this to a powder form because sometimes my eye area can get a bit dry if I overload too much product in there, so a cream sits there nicely! I often put this all over the lid as well when I'm not wearing much eye shadow and it looks so pretty. I can't wait to try more shades.

Lately, I’ve been lovinggg my Mac lipstick in Craving. It’s not as natural as a nude but it’s not a bold lip, a bit of something in between. It’s the perfect pinky plumy lip. Being an Amplified finish (my favourite of all the Mac ones) means it lasts a reasonably long time but definitely not as drying as a Matte finish. It doesn’t have much shine, which I quite like, but can easily fixed with a gloss on top.

Continuing with the lip theme, I’ve been using my Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip gloss in Pastel a lot lately. It has a lot of shimmer but gives a nice amount of shine to a look. It’s not sticky so doesn’t cause my hair to get stuck (soo annoying) and it lasts a good amount of time. Can’t wait to try more lip glosses from Bobbi Brown.

Moving on to brushes, I had to jump on another bandwagon with the Mac 217. I never stop hearing people talk about this as their holy grail brush that they couldn’t live without so how could I not buy it! Before I used my No7 dupe (anyone want a review/comparison??) which I still lovee but I can see why everyone loves their 217. It’s great and for £16 it seems pretty high quality and it will hopefully last a long time.

I’d been longing over the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brushes since they came out, not only because they’re so different to the rest of the range, but they look so nice with the monochrome! (haha soo sad) Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they are also really great brushes! Soo incredibly soft (as are all Real Technique Brushes) and apply just the right amount of powder. I use the large one for a dust of power or the smaller one for a more concentrated application and the little one is great for blending out eye shadow! I really recommend them :)

Well, that's it for my current favourites, I'll definitely be posting more regularly again. Hope you enjoyed this post! What have you been loving recently?

 See you soon, Hollie X


  1. So here it is the MAC Craving:), I will probably buy it soon. I also want the MAC 217 brush but for the moment I am having sensitive eyelids and cannot wear eye shadow. Good luck with your blog! xoxo, Olivia

  2. Yes exactly! You should definitely try it when your eyes get better, it's a really great brush. Thanks lovely, Hollie X

  3. I love it when bloggers show their favourites. makes it helpful to see what other poeple are loving and whether its something i would enjoy too:) I also really like Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara :)

  4. Ahh same! Maybe it's because we're nosey haha! Hollie X